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The citrus fruit is  vitamin rich, generally tasty and an easy-to-juice gift from mother nature to her children. Whether it be oranges, tangerines, lemons and limes (just listing the most common citrus fruits), there are a million and one uses for the lovely juices of citrus. From simply refreshing health drinks, to cooking and even medicinal use, a citrus fruit’s juice can work wonders.


And that’s why it’s important to have a good citrus juicer, not only for convenience and speed, but for maximum yield and juicing efficiency. We’ve got a constantly updated selection of citrus juicers listed below, to help you choose the best citrus juicer that’ll fit your needs, budget and preferences.

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What You Need in a Citrus Juicer

Looking for a citrus juicer shouldn’t be a very hard task, but it’s easy to fall for a cheap price tag and buy the wrong kind of juicer.

Before you go out to shop for a citrus juicer, keep in mind the following prerequisites everyone should demand of their citrus juicers.

1. Manual or Electric?

Well, some people claim that a sweeter, tastier juice can only be made using a manual juicer, and while were are not saying this isn’t a valid opinion, there’s no real practical taste difference we’ve been able to discern between the two.

Although manual citrus juicers are cheaper, electric ones aren’t particularly much more expensive, and they juice faster, so overall, we’d recommend an electrical citrus juicer over a manual.

2. Seed or Not to Seed?

Should you juice a citrus fruit with or without seeds? When it comes to manual juicers, honestly you don’t need to de-seed, but I’d advice a good clean out with a fork before putting the fruit in question down to a electric juicer

3. Clean the Fruit

Only because a citrus fruit doesn’t need peeling does not mean they shouldn’t be very well washed before juicing. Even the most organic of fruits have some form of pesticide layering the skin.

4. Squeeze and Roll

Before cutting any type of citrus fruit for juicing, squeeze it whole, and then roll it on a flat surface with some strength. This breaks down the juice inside and makes it easier to work with on manual juicers.

5. Sugar Care

Oranges, tangerines and Grapefruit all have sugar in them, and juicing essentially concentrates sugar. So for all my readers out there who need to keep off or at least regulate they’re sugar intake, please keep this fact in mind.

 Feeling Creative?

Got any creatively healthy ways to make use of citrus fruit juice, if so,  feel free to share them with us here at!

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