Pear Cucumber Lime Juice

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The Juice

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For 16 oz / 450 ml


Wash all the produce before putting it into your juicer.

If the chute of your juicer fits a cucumber - no need to cut it. What a time saver!

Cut the pear in half. No need to peel it. It is so soft your juicer won't have any problems with it.

Peel the lime but make sure to leave a lot of the white skin on as there are all the beautiful nutrients.

Add everything into your juicer and enjoy!

Why I'm loving it

Pear Cucumber Lime Juice

This juice is one of my favorite summer time juices, because it’s so fresh, so tasty and you literally feel it hydrating your body through and through. Cucumber is my go-to juice base because it contains lots of water and has shown tremendous anti-oxidant properties which keep the skin young and fresh and boosts the immune system.

Cucumber contains a high level of “flavonoids” which help protect blood vessels from rupture or leakage and prevents inflammation in the body resulting from excess fat storage. So if you’re a gym rat cucumber is perfect to put your body into shredding mode.

Health Benefits

This juice has some extraordinary health benefits. Let’s have a look at the ingredients.


Cucumber is high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which suggest that it could have anti-cancer benefits. Research in this field is not yet conclusive though, as there only have been animal studies as to this day. However, cucumber contains lignans which have already shown to a role in cancer protection.


Pear is one of the more easily digested foods. It’s health benefits range from reduced cancer risk to better cardiovascular health. Also pears have a very low allergic response. Health practitioners tend to recommend it in a low-allergy diet plan.


Limes and lemons are high in vitamin C. They boost your immune system and can prevent those nasty colds that tend to sneak in during winter time. Also, the so called limonins have shown to lower the risk of a diverse set of cancer types.