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Samson 6-in-1 Juicer Review

A Tiny Yet Powerful Masticating Juicer

Looking for a compact and easy to carry yet powerful juicer? The Samson 6-in-1 single-auger juicer might just be holy grail of compact juicers. A masticating juicer that looks retro as an 80’s hairstyle,the Samson is among the most charming (dare I say…cute?) juicers I’ve ever seen. Still, looks aren’t the end all here at, so let’s see if it has more than old school looks to charm away users with.

The Juicer:

With few parts to clean and an easy assembly procedure, we had no issues putting together or taking apart the Samson. And despite being so cheap, it comes with lots of bits and bobbles in the box. We also found no cause for complaint with its sound output (though we have come across more silent masticating juicers), the Samson had respectfully low noise levels throughout.

The box came sporting:

  • 1. Motor
  • 2. Auger
  • 3. Drum
  • 4. Drum Cap
  • 5. Juicing Screen
  • 6. Mincing Cone
  • 7. Two Plastic Jugs
  • 8. One Sieve
  • 9. Cleaning Brush
  • 10. Pusher
  • 11. Four Nozzles
  • 12. Color Cook Book
  • 13. Operation Manual
  • 14. DVD
  • 15. Fuse


The Samson 6-in-1  juicer is very well named, as it’s a pro at making wheatgrass, butter, pasta, sorbets, greens and fruits.  Really, the nozzles give all the clues away instantly. However, is the Samson a master-of-none but jack-of-all trades kind of juicer? No, it’s not.

While it may not be a powerhouse compared to dedicated juicers or twin-gear ones, the Samson performs respectively well in all 6 facets of its operation.

Silent operation, easy cleaning, plenty in the box and a compact size, so far are holding out well for the little juicer; and the simple three-button operation system (on, off and reverse) also means using it is a no-brainer to use. But, there is one issue we do need to address, and that the size of it’s juicing pipe– it’s very small.

In other words, get ready to cut veggies and fruits into tiny bits before juicing. As the only things it will juice whole are baby carrots, baby cucumber, grapes and berries. This isn’t a major flaw in anyway, but after experiencing the Kuvings 3-inch wide feed chute, I guess I’m a bit spoiled about cutting stuff now.

Also, the Samson 6-in-1 does not automatically suck and juice most produce, so that plunger/pusher stick will be your best friend during juicing sessions.

The Juice:

Speaking of juicing sessions, how’s the juice? For most parts, pretty fantastic. Rich, and thick, we did notice that strainer becoming handy when it came to separate foam from juice.

However, we’ve seen juicers that have produced far dryer pulp then the Samson 6 in 1. But to be fair, the pulp can be thrown back into the juicer for a second or even third squeeze– and we only got wet pulp when juicing carrots, cucumbers and apples. It worked perfectly fine on greens and most other produce. We managed to make an excellent banana sorbet with it. Overall, anything with a high liquid content will need to go back into the juicer one more tine for the best possible yield.

Tech Specs:

The Samson single auger juicer comes with surprisingly good specs considering its size and price. And they are: 17.5×11×8.5 inches, weighing around 16 pounds and sporting an 80 RPM auger powered by a motor that runs at 1750 RPM. Warranty wise, the machine comes with 10-years on parts, and 5-years on the motor, adding up to a total of 15 years. And we’ve heard no major complaints about warranties not being honored.


The Samson 6-in-1 is a compact and powerful  juicer that doesn’t break the bank. The juicer does a good but not great job on veggies and fruits, and comes with the prerequisite of some required elbow grease (thanks to the tiny chute). But, it’s easy to clean and assemble, comes with everything one needs to get juicing out-of-the box and I kinda like the whole retro look as well. So, feel free to get it if you don’t mind having to juice stuff twice sometimes, cut a lot and using a pusher regularly.