The Top 5 Major Benefits of Wheatgrass

And Why You Need To Start Juicing With It

Known as the miracle grass, king of greens and dog-grass for some inscrutable reason, wheatgrass is considered to be the single healthiest green…ever. And it certainly deserves the praise, as this humble looking grass has more vitamins, nutrients and other goodies–compared to several major contenders– combined.


With so many major benefits of wheatgrass to sieve through, we thought why not condense them into the top 5 major ones, and make life a little simpler for everyone. These benefits are in no particular ascending or descending order. In terms of awesomeness, there are all equally super great and highlight just why wheatgrass is such a big deal in the juicing lifestyle.

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1. Alkalinity

As we grow older, and eat more junk, our bodies start to become acidic. Now, you’re not going to evolve into an acid blob monster overnight, the term “acidic” refers to a pH balance gone far too much the wrong way.

A pH balance that’s skewed the wrong way does lead to complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure and various other medical problems which thrive in non-alkaline environments.

Wheatgrass juice takes care of this issue pronto, restoring the body’s natural pH balance and making it more alkaline friendly.

2. Detoxification

Wheatgrass is also a super detoxification tool, cleaning out not only the internal system, but cleansing a weak liver and giving the immune system a proper boost. The detoxification benefits of wheatgrass are also visible externally with smooth, healthy and glowing skin.

The internal benefits are also great, as it cleanses the stomach of matter that’s obstructive and unhealthy, giving a clean internal sheen to what’s essentially the human body’s dustbin (the stomach).

3. Bacterial Infection

Wheatgrass’s ability to stave off bacterial infections is also one its best properties, alongside accelerated wound healing and the ability to increase hemoglobin production in the body. A glass of wheatgrass a day is definitely a good way to stave off not only bacterial infections, but also more easy-to-contract common colds, flus, fevers, coughs and sore throats.

4. Alternative Treatments

Wheatgrass is a preferred alternative treatment for very serious illnesses such as cancer and arthritis, both as a preventative measure and tentative cure. Although, there’s no overwhelming scientific evidence that wheatgrass can effectively cure cancer, it is proven to get rid of cancer causing agents effectively.

5. Cleanser

Alongside cancer-causing agents, Wheatgrass is also a wonderful blood and organ cleanser, getting rid of heavy metals, drug deposits, and liver and blood toxins as well. A deeper version of detoxification, wheatgrass cleansing requires a steady intake of the juice on an empty stomach once a day — for at least 6 months.

Get to Juicing Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is indeed a great produce to juice, that’s capable of doing far more than what we’ve listed here, but these top 5 benefits are major reasons why the wheat off-shoot is such a beloved commodity in the juicing world.

We’ve got detailed recipes, guides, specialized juicer reviews and more tips on how to use wheatgrass for anyone trying to get their foot in the door.