Apple Bamboozle

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The Juice

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For 16 oz / 450 ml
1Grapefruit (optional)


First, wash all the produce thoroughly. Especially the berries. I like to soak them for a couple minutes into water with a splash of white wine vinegar. That way all the dirt will be removed.

Cut the apples if they don't fit your juicer in one piece.

Add the cucumber and the apples to your juicer. If you have a masticating juicer you may add the berries, too.

I decided to blend my berries into the cucumber apple juice and add a little bit of mint to it. You can sprinkle the juice with some coconut. Mhhh. Done.

Why I'm loving it...

Apple, Cucumber, Blueberry Juice

While I generally don’t encourage fruit juices, I absolutely love this recipe and use it often, as a post workout juice to fill up glycogen levels after an exhaustive workout. Also, it’s a cocktail with the most important phytonutrients a body needs. Apple contains high levels of flavonoids which protect the cell structure and support vitamin C absorption in the body.

Blueberries are sometimes considered to be “super-foods” – while I don’t particularly like that term because it’s misused by pharmacy corporations, there is some merit to the term. Blueberries have one of the highest levels of anti-oxidants and a low glycemic index rating, they have a low impact on your blood sugar levels. Tip: maximize the value of blueberries by going organic!

Health Benefits

This is juice is a powerhouse when it comes to vitamin C and antioxidants. If you’re getting a cold easily then this juice recipe will align your immune system to protect your health in the best possible way.


Studies have shown that drinking apple juice can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and therefore help against the aging of your brain. Don’t we all want to stay young and healthy when we’re old? Apple juice seems to do a great job. Apple are not only beneficial to fighting Alzheimers but its antioxidant help prevent all sort of cancer.


If you have read a couple of my recipes you know I just love cucumber. Cucumber hydrates your body and gives you all the necessary vitamins and minerals throughout the day. Not only do I like to juice cucumbers but I always keep it as a snack besides my desk along with a handful of nuts and seeds to get my essentials oils.


A lot has been said about blueberries, some call them even super foods. There are, however, mixed results from studies about people eating blueberries. One study shows a lower risk of heart attacks with women eating blueberries at least three times per week. Whether or not these studies are reliable eating a handful of berries per day is certainly healthy and good for your body. In this recipe, I added the blueberries to my blender as to not lose any of the nutrients through juicing and because I only had a centrifugal juicer available.