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Top 10 Juicing Tips

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Juicing Tip 1 - The 80 20 Rule Pin it!

You may have heard that juicing vegetables is good for you. And I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’m a big fan of the 80/20 Rule in juicing. As long as you’re using 80% of vegetables in your juices you’re going to be fine. Do not juice to many fruits as their sugar content is quite high. On the other hand it’s virtually impossible to overjuice on vegetables.

You should always buy organic foods for your juices Pin it!

One of the best things you can do to your health and body as go organic. Yes, it is more expensive, but the value you get is so worth it. If you buy organic produce you eliminate the exposure to conventional agricultural contaminants and pesticides. Also, organic foods contain higher levels of minerals and vitamins which is good for your body.

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Cleaning Your Juicer is important Pin it!

I know this is the worst part about juicing. But it has to be done. While there are juicers that are terrible to clean some are more easy on your time. But I guess you’d need at least 5 minutes, if you clean it directly after juicing. If you wait until the remaining pulp has dried up – it can really take 10 – 15 minutes. So don’t wait, clean immediately. Even many juicer parts are dishwasher safe I would avoid putting them there, it will certainly increase your juicer lifespan.

You can use the leftover pulp to make some stew Pin it!

I hate to through any kind of produce away. It really hurts my heart. However, sometimes it’s really tough to find good uses for the pulp. But here are some ideas: you can create a nice broth for a stew, make delicious quiches or a nice carrot cake. Those will go a long way with your family. I have even seen people create their own soaps and scrubs with pulp. You don’t have to go that far but you get the idea.

If you like clear juice use a filter like cheesecloth Pin it!

I personally love my juices the way they are – with just a little bit of pulp left in my glass. But I know there are lots of people who like their juices clear and without the foam. You could take one or several layers of cheesecloth or a coffee filter to filter your juice before you drink it.

Juices lose their power after juicing. Pin it!

You should consume your juice right after extraction because one of the worst enemy of juices is oxygen. It’ll lose the anti-oxidant powers quickly especially when you made your juice with a centrifugal juicer . Masticating juicers don’t produce that much heat (less oxidation) and you can store those juices longer. But I wouldn’t recommend storing them longer than 1 or 2 days.

You should cut the produce before use Pin it!

Cutting your produce before adding it into your juicer may well be worth it. Some juicers are prone to clogging and you can simply avoid that by cutting your produce. Also, what I like to do is alternating between different types of food. You could add some parsley followed by a piece of cucumber, followed by parsley and increase the overall yield.

I always run my juicer after use to flush out any particles. Pin it!

You should run your juicer when you’re done juicing. This is especially important when using a centrifugal juicer. The rotating blades will bring remaining water to the side of the juicer and leave it dry. You may also give your juicer a quick run before you use it the next day.

Storing your juice in a vacuum is better for the shelf life. Pin it!

I try to drink my juices at once. But sometimes this is just not possible. For those occasions I fill the juice into my vacuum containers, and seal them air tight. That way less oxygen touches my juice and it will be fresh longer, preserving all the vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Smoothies can be a nice meal replacement Pin it!

I love juices! And I love smoothies! Why not combine the two? You can create a juice base, put the juice in your blender and add some unjuicible fruits like banana or avocado. Super tip: for a little more zing add some cayenne!

Juicing Tips for Beginners

There’s no doubt that juicing, and all it entails, can be overwhelming. Starting to juice is like starting a new hobby or habit. It takes time, research, interest and dedication of course and can even be a little bit scary at first. But that’s what we’re here for, a source for all-around juicing advice .

BestJuicer.net aims to provide thorough and interesting articles about everything you need or want to know about this health initiative that’s taking the globe by storm. We’re here to discuss and cover the good and bad of juicing, the pros and cons of juicers and much, much more.

Juicing Guide

Juicers are more and more common in households and juicing cafes are popping up worldwide to serve up the healthy liquid made simply from produce. Years ago you would have never seen someone drinking a dark pinkish purple liquid made entirely of apples, kale, carrots and beets. But today, this is a common drink for people of all ages.

But juicing isn’t just about throwing fruits and vegetables into a juicer and drinking whatever happens to come out. It’s about knowing the benefits of juicing and how they can positively affect you and your families lives. Improved eyesight, weight loss and more energy are just a few brief examples.

Juicing Recipes & Weightloss

It’s also important to know which ingredients can cause which results. Carrots are good for eyesight, while apples aid the digestive system. Guessing ingredients and making random mixtures can hinder the benefits of juicing and even cause discouragement, which is the last thing we want for you. We want you to love juicing just as much as we do.

Naturally then, we are going to provide you with a wide variety of recipes. Recipes for just fruit, just vegetables, just green leafy vegetables and of course, all the combinations in between (there are thousands). These recipes can give new juicers a place to start, and veteran juicers new and exciting ideas to try.

Tips, Tricks & Juicy Reviews

Articles and reviews focusing on all the different juicers sold on the market is also part of our website. What good is knowing what to juice, if you cant juice it? The different styles and kinds of juicers are discussed and explained right here on our website so you can find out exactly what you need.

Don’t overbuy or underbuy – purchase the juicer that is right for you. Couples looking for a relatively small juicer that doesn’t use too much electric, families that want a dishwasher safe device that makes more than juice as well as businesses that wants to sell just to customers can all find help and advice here.

Then, each brand has its own section so you can look at the pros and cons of models and features. The right juicer will meet your needs, expectations and budget.

I invite you to divulge yourself in the world of juicing. I’m here to help you at every step of the juicing process and look forward to your comments, interactions and suggestions. Together we can have healthier, happier lives thanks to the power of juicing.