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Can You Really Juice With a Blender?

And Find Out Why Not

Um…no, you can’t, that’s why juicers exist. Okay, maybe the intro was a bit abrupt, but it’s also pretty true, juicing and blending are two very different things. One is liquid mush (blending), the other is separating liquids from mush (juicing).

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as equally useful! Juicing and blending make a great team, so why not use them as one to make your body better!

Enter the Fiber Game

It’s essentially a game of fiber, juicing separates the liquids from its fiber, while blending turns the two into one. Now, fiber is an important part of every diet and we strongly believe here at BestJuicer.net that everyone should have both a blender and a juicer.

The duo help produce a dynamic health paradigm that allows a person to get the best out of both. Juice and fiber.

Juicing only would mean a deficiency in fiber will inevitably develop, while drinking liquid mush means not enough juice yield is getting to the body. In a scenario where it’s only one or the other, the body will lose out, and that’s something we want to avoid at all costs.

Everyone should get a solid dose of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants everyday (that’s what juicing is for) and also ensure that the body is not lacking for fiber (that what blending is for).

It's Hard to Substitute a Juicer

Some try (I used to do this back in the day) to blend their produce then strain the juice out of it, which is an amazingly sub-optimal option to getting juice out of stuff. It also doesn’t work very well with things like grapes and berries.

There’s no real substitute to a proper juicer, not straining, mashing, crushing or squeezing is going to work—you need a juicer to get the maximum benefits of juice; plain and simple.

Blending for Weight Loss is Your Loss

Using, “blended juice” for weight loss also doesn’t work as blending fruits, vegetables and greens leaves most of the sugar, carbs and calories all intact. Hardly an ideal scenario for someone looking to shed some weight.

Those keeping an eye on their weight would be far better off going down the pure juicing route– using either a masticating or centrifugal juicer.

It Doesn’t Have to Be One or the Other

However, blending and juicing are not mutually exclusive to each other, rather, they actually make a pretty good team. Smoothies, sorbets, shakes and chunky pieces all require juicer to work in tandem with a blender. And as I’ve said before, a completely organic health experience requires both.

But, if a person could only have one, then juicing takes the cake and eats it (because it was hungry). Better nutritional value, higher yield, no or little oxidization, less sugar content, easier to swallow and juicers have a far wider range of produce options compared.

Let me put it like this, if juicing was Batman, then blending is Robin. You only really need one but other one is also pretty handy.