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Kale to The K

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Popeye may have been juicing himself off spinach, but for a true boost, our pipe smoking sailor should have been gulping kale (and also stopped smoking). Kale is considered a wild cousin of sorts to the humble cabbage, and comes in quite a few varieties, including red Russian, curly, plain, dinosaur kale and rape kale (because someone was really bad at naming vegetables).

Names and forms aside, kale not only arguably tastes better than spinach, it also packs a much healthier punch. And what a punch this green leaf packs indeed, Vitamins C, E and K are all abundant, with Thiamine, Folate and Choline accompanying them. On the metallic end of things, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium are also available in plenty.

Benefits of Kale

Kale is mainly an anti-cancer weapon, and almost all of its nutrients in one form or another are designed to tackle free radicals in the body. A single cup of Kale contains:

  • -33 calories
  • -9% of the daily value of calcium
  • -206% of vitamin A
  • -134% of vitamin C
  • – 684% of vitamin K.
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That’s one cup, imagine how much a tall full glass of kale, mixed with other healthy produce would rock? So yeah, kale isn’t kidding around when it comes to keeping the body working how it should.

Of course, the benefits of kale go beyond the realm of cancer prevention, it’s great for eyesight, serves as a very effective method to regulate blood pressure and also helps clean up common skin blemishes. The overabundance of Vitamin K helps out a lot with bone strengthening, antioxidants and surprisingly enough it doesn’t really lose any of its attributes even after being cooked.

Of course, the best Kale is always the freshest and crunchiest, and I also strongly advise you to carefully select a good juicer before getting ready to juice kale and other leafy greens. But once you’re done buying the right juicer, we’re all ready and pumped to share our favorite kale based recipes, so feel free to bookmark BestJuicer.net’s recipes section!