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What you need to know before you buy

I confess: I’m a juice addict. I try every crazy juice/veggie combination out there – just to find the perfect juice. What are the sure-fire tools of a  junkie like me? Omega juicers! Those machines have now been in my juicing arsenal for years and they are excellent workhorses for all kinds of fruits, vegetables, sorbets, nut milks, and yes, listen up: wheatgrass.

  • Advantages
  • Very high juice yield
  • Not very expensive for masticating juicers
  • Fairly easy to clean
  • Long juice shelf life (3 days)
  • Disadvantages
  • Juice will come out slower
  • Occasional clogging of the chute
  • A lot of slicing and dicing needed to get produce through the chute
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Name Omega J8006 Omega J8005 Omega VRT350 Omega BMJ330 Omega NC900
Juicer Type Horizontal masticating Horizontal masticating Vertical masticating Centrifugal Dual stage masticating
Price $239.99 $230.98 $321.55 $103.86 $299.99
Fruits / Vegetables
Nut Butter / Sorbet
Cleanup Average Average Easy Easy Average
Yield B B A – B A –
Juice shelf life 48h 48h 48h 12h 48h
Warranty 15 Years 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years 15 Years
Motor Speed 80 RPM 80 RPM 80 RPM 11,000 RPM 80 RPM
Voltage 120/60/1, 220/50/1, 220/60/1 120/60/1, 220/50/1, 220/60/1 120/60/1, 220/50/1, 220/60/1 120/60/1, 220/50/1, 220/60/1 120/60/1, 220/50/1, 220/60/1
Dimensions 6½” W x 14½” D x 15½” H 6½” W x 14½” D x 15½” H 7” W x 8 1/2” D x 15 1/2” H 8” W x 12 1/2” D x 15” H 6½” W x 14½” D x 15½” H

Omega Juicers

Robert Leo spent more than twenty years developing juicers. When juicing first became popular in the culinary field, Leo listened to customers and created a product to directly fit their wants and needs. In 1985 he launched his very own business to produce and sell juicers. Originally named Olympic Products, Omega Products is the only company in the market that provides masticating, centrifuge and pulp ejection juicers. Legacy Companies bought Omega in 2009. They also own Maxximum, Zeroll and General Slicing.

The market for juicers has increased significantly in the last twenty years and so has the amount of juicer producers. To stay ahead of the competition, Omega transformed its product offers to make them stand out among the crowd.

More than 45 juicers are available for purchase through Omega. Centrifugal juicers like the 9000 Juicer and 1000 Juicer turn fruits and vegetables into juice with little effort and painless clean up. Masticating juicers have an auto-cleaning feature and automatic pulp ejection, like the VSJ843QS Juicer for example. This type of juicer helps customers add leafy greens to their juice without oxidation.

What Sets Omega Apart?

Centrifuge juicers sold by Omega extract 20 to 30 percent more juice than any other juicer on the market. This means customers are getting more juice for their money and wasting less fruit and vegetables. Omega products also use a vertical stainless steel basket to spin the juice out of pulp. This choice of material results in a silky smooth drink free of pulp or produce particles. But that’s not all. The pulp ejection juicers come with a receptacle bin that catches the leftover produce without using any additional speed or power.

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Watch a Comparison of Omega Models

If I could only choose one juicer this would be it
Masticating Juicer

Omega J8006 Juicer

Average user rating

The Omega J8006 is a real masticating juicer powerhouse.

Juicer Review
Juice yield Medium
Cleaning Easy, < 5 min.
Best for Leafy Greens, Vegetables, Fruits, Wheatgrass, Nuts, Berries,
Price: $299.95