The Super Angel Juicer

If you can afford it - buy it.

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Name Super Angel Juicer
Type of Juicer Triturating
Price 1,300-1,700
Nut Butter / Sorbet
Soybeans / Seeds
Cleanup Average
Yield A
Warranty 10-year limited warranty
Voltage 110 - 120 Volt/60 Hz
Dimensions 20.8 Lbs. 19+1/2" long x 7+3/4" wide x 10+1/2" high
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Over the past thirty years Super Angel has responded to the needs of consumers and the health market to produce a variety of juicers . Super Angel juicers are gaining popularity in the market. In response to the toxicity of BPA plastic, the company started to produce stainless steel juicers. All Super Angel juicers are built by hand, which significantly sets this brand apart from competitors.

Check Out Some Pros and Cons

  • Electromagnetic wave protection
  • No plastic toxins
  • Hand made
  • Fully automatic
  • Produce must be prepped
  • Not easy to move
  • More expensive
Choices, choices, choices - picking the right juicer can be a challenge!

Some Background Behind Super Angel

The stainless steel twin gears chew up fibers and break up the cells in fruits and vegetables to provide users with a darker, richer juice. Super Angel advertises that their juicers have a better flavor and color that juice produced by any other juicer. If you are interested in buying a Super Angel Juicer, there are three different models to choose from.

The Pro, Deluxe and Premium Deluxe models all include an anti-jamming system and self-adjusting speed control. This ensures that piece of food don’t get stuck in the machine and that the device doesn’t overwork. So what sets the three models apart? The Deluxe model has an optional soft fruit attachment for juicing fruits like watermelon or peaches. This model also features a higher quality of stainless steel. The Premium Deluxe model has parts made of surgical grade stainless steel, with even more quality than the Deluxe model.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What the difference between Pro, Deluxe and Premium Deluxe?

Premium Deluxe features surgical grade stainless steel.

Does the Super Angel Juicer come assembled?

No,  a few pieces need to be put together before the juicer can be used.