Omega J8006 Review

Is This The Best Juicer You Can Buy?

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Let’s see… a 15 year warranty, easy to swallow price tag on Amazon and a box full of peripherals, could the Omega J8006 be one of the best masticating juicers on the market? Let’s find out.

The Juicer:

Welcome the Omega J8006, a chrome colored masticating juicer sporting a price tag of $239 on Amazon, which includes:

  • Two plastic jugs (for catching juice and pulp)
  • Multi purpose cleaning brush
  • Sieve
  • Pasta cap
  • Peanut butter  cap

And almost every part of this product is dishwasher safe, minus the filter of course. Assembly and disassembly are both a breeze, and honestly the whole process revolves around sticking parts into their logical holes and screwing them in a bit.

A word about drip– there is a tiny bit of it–so either leave the plastic jug under a while  after juicing is done, or remember to place a paper towel under the jug itself. Thanks to the relatively anemic motor (compared to centrifugal juicers), the Omega J8006 hums along without getting overly loud or even remotely obnoxious–it emits a deep humming noise, that’s all.

The Juice:

The one minor drawback to owning a masticating juicer is that fruit and vegetables must be cut-to-size, you cannot simply dump a whole apple or a roughly cut up orange down the chute and hope for the best. Always peel citrus fruits, cut other fruits into appropriate sizes and never overload the chute.

However, once the produce is cut well, almost everything gets juiced instantly, the plunger is really only there to ensure there is a tiny amount of required pressure to keep the fruits and veggies near the rotating crusher. And it will juice absolutely anything, fruits, veggies, leafy greens, nuts and berries. You name it, and it’ll get crushed and juiced.

The juice itself does produce some foam, especially if there’s a mix of separate produce, but the end result kept for about two days in the fridge without any discernible loss of taste.

Utilizing the power of torque rather than speed, the rotating auger produces some super dry pulp (it kinda tasted like sawdust to be honest), which is unusable for stocks or soups. But, the auger can be used to crush coffee beans, stuff like kale or spinach also juice very well, and the Omega J8006 even came with a boxed cap-end for pasta.

Watch it in Action

Tech Specs:

Let’s talk numbers: the motor rotates at a snail like 80 RPM, but since the power of a masticating juicer lies in torque rather than blade speed, this is absolutely fine. It takes about 4 seconds for the juice to actually show up, and about 2 seconds more for the pulp to start coming out. The Omega J8006 weighs 16 pounds, or 7.2 kg, and sports dimensions of 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches with a meter long cable.

There’s no safety off button, but a power and reverse both exist, with the later utilized to get juicing going again in case the auger is too jammed up.

Final Verdict:

Our final verdict on the Omega J8006 is a most positive one, the only drawback to this juicer machine is that everything going down its shoot must be cut down to the appropriate size. Otherwise, it is great value for money (considering everything that comes in the box), juices excellently, stays pretty silent and goes above the call of duty to make pasta and other stuff that has really nothing to do with juicing.

In my juicer comparison it’s certainly at the top of its league, and absolutely deserves the honor.

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