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9 Best Vegetables for Juicing

Are you wondering which are the best vegetables for juicing? This comprehensive article shows you all the details you need to know. Let's hunt down the best veggies for your juice, shall we?

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Top 3 Best Vegetable Juicers

Top 3 Best Vegetable Juicers

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Omega J8006 Juicer

Masticating Juicer
List price: $295.00
Price: $295.00
You save: $0.03
Average user rating
CleaningEasy, < 5 min.
Juicing SpeedMedium, 5 min.
Prep. TimeSlow, too much dicing
Warranty15 Years
Juice shelf lifeMedium, 1 day
NoiseLow, but audible
Juice yieldMedium
Best forLeafy Greens, Vegetables, Fruits, Wheatgrass, Nuts, Berries

My favorite juicer recipe

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Amazing Kale Juice Recipe

For 16 oz / 450 ml
1lime (peeled)
1sprigbasil or parsley


Wash your kale leaves thoroughly. Some juicers may require you to cut it into pieces. I added mine to my Omega just as is and it worked fine.


Cut the cucumber in half and put it into your juicer. If your juicer has a large enough mouth you don't need to cut it any further. The Omega 8006 requires a bit more work. You can absolutely use the whole cucumber if you like.


Wash and cut the apple. You can juice the entire apple - no worries.


Peel the lime and make sure to leave a lot of the white on it - that's where all the beautiful nutrients are located and we want them all in our juice.


Add the basil to your juicer. You should consider rotating the basil with the cucumber to get better yield or blend the basil with your juice altogether.