Cider Reviver

Garlic Juice Recipe With Cayenne & Cucumber

Cider Reviver

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The Juice

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First, cut or slice the cucumber. If you have big mouth juicer it may fit in as a whole. Do not remove the peel or seeds. It's perfectly fine to juice it.

Cut the apples so that they fit your juicer. I personally do not remove the stem and seeds. You can do so but I couldn't sense any difference.

Cut the celery.

You can peel the garlic. Use a knife to slightly smash it - that makes it easier to remove the skin.

Put all the ingredients into your juicer.

Lastly, add a pinch of cayenne for some extra spiciness. You can use your blender to blend it in - but I use my mason jar to mix it up. Enjoy!

Fancy trying a juice with garlic?

Try my Cider Reviver

Well, I hate to disappoint, but we’re not adding cider to this recipe (you can of course, but I don’t recommend it). Instead, we’re going to add mostly apples into this drink. Celery will reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in your body – which have shown to be the main risk factors in the development of many cancer types.

And we’ll add something seemingly crazy to this recipe: garlic! Yikes. Garlic has shown to effectively regulate the number of fat cells that get formed in our body and also improve metabolism. If eaten daily, garlic will support your overall health.

Health benefits of this juice

This juice has many health benefits because it provides your body with a plethora of micronutrients that your body needs to defend itself from diseases and outside toxins. Let look at the ingredients to see how this juice can help you be a more healthy person:

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Apples are a great source for vitamin C. They taste good, they give your juice a bit of sweetness and they’re easy to prepare and most juicers will juice apples without a problem and great juice yield. Here is an interesting fact about apples: scientists have shown that the health benefits of apples come from their impact on bacteria in the digestive tract – these changes in the large intestine appear to have huge health benefits for our bodies.

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One of the core reasons why I love cucumber is its ability to thin out thicker or stronger juices. The Cider Reviver is a very strong juice – it would maybe be undrinkable without the cucumber. But cucumber is also great in kale juices, or other juices with leafy greens that tend to have a strong taste. Add a cucumber and you can enjoy all the benefits of the greens without having to worry about the hefty taste of a pure green juice. Also cucumbers will hydrate your body, it serves as a great antioxidant and can be used in detox diets because it helps the body flush out every day toxins.

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Celery is also a good juice base but it tastes stronger than cucumber – so use with care. But the health benefits are tremendous and I can’t understand why it’s so under-hyped. It certainly deserves the term superfood more than any other because not only is it the vegetable with the highest levels of antioxidants it is also cheap! So you can buy a healthy amount of celery without breaking the bank. Celery should be a core ingredient if you’re planning a juice fast.

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Garlic is an incredible food.  I recommend eating garlic at least once per day because it may help you lose weight. While still in its very early stages, research suggests that garlic consumption may actually help to regulate the number of fat cells that get formed in our body. How cool is that? There is an incredible amount of research on garlic amounting to over 3,000 publications that have recognized the health benefits. Garlic has shown to:

  • reduce the risk factors for cancer and cardiovascular diseases
  • stimulate your immune function
  • enhances the body’s natural ability for detoxification
  • restore your physical health faster after an intensive workout
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Native americans have used cayenne for at least 9,000 years because it contains a substance called capsaicin. It helps reduce pain with arthritis or low back pain. For all of you who are looking to shred some pounds: science suggest it’ll suppress the appetite. But those studies are not conclusive because it’s hard to only eat cayenne – so other ingredients might have come into play.