Coconut Water with Arugula for Hydration

I could drink coconut water day in, day out. Unfortunately, it's quite expensive here. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite recipes with coconut water that you can try as a post workout energy booster. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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The Juice

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For 25 oz / 750 ml
8.5ozcoconut water
1fennel bulb
1handful of arugula


First you need to extract the coconut water from the actual coconut. Best would be to have a fresh, green coconut, but they are pretty hard to get here. So I either use a brown coconut or just buy coconut water in the organic store next door.

Coconut Water

Make sure to wash the fennel before adding it to your juicer. No additional prep is necessary. You may need to cut it depending on the chute size of your juicer.

Add one organic cucumber. My Omega needs a lot of slicing and dicing, I I always keep a few bits of cucumber prepared in my fridge.


Lastly, add the arugula. If you have a centrifugal juicer you should try and and rotate the produce you're putting in. So first a slice of cucumber, then a bit of arugula, then another bit of cucumber and so on.


In the last step, I always like to use the coconut water to flush my juicer. That way all the nutrients come into the juice for you to drink up and absorb.

Coconut Water + Fennel + Arugula = Love

Sweet, fresh and juicy - this juice kicks ass after a workout

I have a confession to make: I hate fennel. I’ve hated it as a kid and I still do – to a degree. I can stand fennel lightly roasted in the oven with other veggies, or in a stew. Recently, I’ve discovered that fennel in a juice isn’t as bad as I thought it would be: to the contrary. It’s delicious.

For this recipe I’ve combined arugula, coconut water and fennel into a healthy concoction that is just the perfect combo to drink as a post workout juice so you don’t have to spend a fortune on worthless, sugar-laden “energy” drinks.

Make use of what mother nature gives you: fresh vegetables, natural fruits and natural sugars. Throw away all white sugar you have in your house and replace it with something better: agave or honey.

For this juice you don’t even need sugar because fennel and coconut water just naturally taste so sweet that you will certainly think that you’ve sweetened it up to a degree.

And if coconut water wasn’t hydrating enough, I add one cucumber to the mix.

I hope you can enjoy this weeks video recipe and if you happen to create this recipe at home hit me up with a photo on Instagram: @bestjuicer!


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