Juicing and Exercise: The Perfect Combo?

Two of Natures Best Gifts Working Together...Forever

A true and tested method for better health, exercise has been a staple of human existence since time in memorial. And of course, so has juicing, which coincidentally is also a true and tried method used for the betterment of one’s body.

It stands to reason that juicing and exercise would the perfect combination to maintaining a body that’s both healthy on the inside and outside. Which is a subject we’re going to broach today, and see if this seemingly perfect combo comes fully recommended, or with few warning signs attached.

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Getting Used to Juice

Exercise, whether light or physically taxing, is the best way to keep the body’s muscles well-tuned.

And natural juices are an excellent form of fuel for the body as it losses fat, electrolytes and liquid during exercise. Coming from a diet of sodas, chocolate bars, energy drinks and various other unhealthy supplements that are an absolute no-no during exercise, juicing may come as  shock to the taste buds as they adapt to an organic diet.

But, not only will your taste buds adjust in a short amount of time, they’ll start liking tastes like natural orange juice over a can of Coke any day.

The Right Tools for the Job

Getting the best results out of any training exercise or regiment is pairing the right juices with the correct exercise, and of course, selecting the right juicer and blender. Fiber content is necessary for any good diet and workout regime, and blending is an excellent way to get some fiber action going– for proteins shakes and the likes.

Any exercise designed to increase muscle mass needs a good dose of protein, and since cold press juicers are great at squeezing protein out of leafy greens such as spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, broccoli, carrots and beets — they’re a must have in any juicing recipe.

Getting Wet

Since exercise and hydration are absolutely inseparable, never ever give up on good old plain water when working out. Even when taking up a juice diet, juices such as orange can’t beat some sexy H2O during a workout.

Now, there are juices which work in a similar fashion to laxatives, making them a great way to start detoxing the body before an exercise program. Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a gym knowing you’re clean and lean on the inside.

Detox the Fox

And of course, a detox combined with a clean stomach not only gives a great boost to the start of any workout, but also cleans the liver and body of various toxins. Exercise for the sake of weight loss benefits especially from juices designed to cleanse the system.

Such as wheatgrass, lemon, apple, papaya and spinach. All of which make for a great gateway to weight loss exercises–they also increase the metabolism.


Timing is a very important part of the juicing and workout process. Knowing when to drink before and after a workout, makes a huge difference when it’s results time. Recovering from the wear and tear of exercise is a big part of any performance sport, and taking the right juice before and after the gym will help immensely in recovery time and form.

As we’ve previously mentioned, the body loses electrolytes during a workout, but it also losses something more important, glycogen. Both glycogen (which is a form of stored carbohydrates in the body) and electrolytes need replenishing every morning, and also after every workout session.

Orange, pineapples, banana and honey make a great juicing combo in the morning and post-workout. Anywhere from 30 minutes post workout, to 12 hours after the gym, is an acceptable time to drink some juice.

Beat the Beetroot

Probably the single greatest juice for working out; beetroot and exercise is a combination made in fitness heaven. And should be a staple of anyone looking to break a serious sweat . Of course, getting fit isn’t all about doing full load at the gym, there’s more easy going stuff that also works excellently. Like Yoga, Pilates, water exercise and good old running.

Regardless of the form and intensity of exercise in question, there’s no doubt that natural juices, plenty of fiber and proper hydration are an absolutely essential to getting the best out of your body.

And we’ve got everything you need to get started with the juicing side of things, check out out recipes, juicer reviews, tips and even a free e-book for better insight into working out and juicing.

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