Ginger Pike Roll

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The Juice

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For 16 oz / 450 ml


Wash produce thoroughly before use. This is important especially when not buying organic.

Cut the apple if it doesn't fit your juicer's chute. You can also cut the cucumber but DO NOT peal any of the ingredients.

Prepare the parsley to have it ready.

Rotate the produce you put into your juicer. I do it like this:
Half a cucumber, parsley, apple, ginger, cucumber, parsley, apple, celery. Or something similar.

Why I love this juice

Ginger Pike Roll

I love ginger. It’s aromatic, pungent, spicy and adds a certain zesty zing to juices. Don’t add too much though (a knob is usually more than sufficient) because the taste can get overpowering quickly. Ginger also serves as an anti-inflammatory compound and has shown to alleviate gastrointestinal distress. If you happen to be pregnant and suffer from nausea – give ginger a try.

Health Benefits

This juice is a powerful, aromatic concoction that will boost your immune system. How said celery doesn’t taste good! It is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants that will invigorate and hydrate your body giving you energy throughout the day.


Are you still using parsley as a table garnish? Well, I can tell you’re wasting all the healing benefits! It is highly nutritious and it is available all year long. Parsley contains basically two types of nutrients that are beneficial to your health: volatile oils which have shown to prevent tumor growth in animal studies and flavonoids that help prevent oxygen based damage to the cells.


Apples are so good for your health and the best part: they add a nice sweetness to your juice. Their phytonutrients can help regulate your blood sugar. Make sure you buy organic because conventional apple rank very highly in the Dirty Dozen chart (high use of pesticides).


I love drinking cucumber in the mornings. They consist mainly of water and have therefore excellent hydration abilities. Studies have shown high levels of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer compounds. Also, cucumbers help to rescue juices that have gotten too strong or too thick.


I must confess I have a love hate relationship with celery. I know it is healthy but I just don’t like to eat it. However, in a nice juice I simply love it. It adds more flavor and overall zing. The health benefits of celery are just incredible. It contains vitamin C, beta-carotene and manganese. But it’s phytonutrients are what makes celery a great anti-inflammatory agent. Juice celery whenever you can.