Kale Cucumber Celery Juice

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The Juice

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For 1 oz / 50 ml
2 stalk Celery
4 leaves Kale
1 whole Cucumber
0.5 Apple (Optional)

This recipe is one of my favorite juice recipes because it’ll boost your energy like you cannot imagine. It has all the juicy nutrients your body needs. If you feel like you’re lacking energy or if you just want to feel fuller after a meal, give this one a whirl.

What Are The Benefits Of Cucumber?

Cucumbers consist mainly of water, around 95%. That’s why one of the main benefits of cucumber is hydration. Drinking one cucumber a day replenishes your cells with water and your complexion gets healthy.

What Are The Benefits Of Kale?

Kale is crazy healthy. This superfood has one of the best nutrition profiles ever. It boasts a good load of potassium, calcium and manganese and vitamins (C, D and K). One leaf of kale will give you more than your body needs per day.

What Are The Benefits Of Celery?

Good ol’ celery. While not one of my favorite ingredients, you should include it in every juice you make (just like ginger, yikes). Celery has shown to lower blood pressure and alleviate other diseases such as Asthma while also containing a load of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C.