Mean Green Toxin Flusher

This juice is so incredibly healthy, you could juice it everyday. In fact, I believe I DO juice it every day. Not only it's healthy but also deeeeeeliscious. Watch my recipe video below and start making it at home. Send me your photos on Instagram @bestjuicer.

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The Juice

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For 15 oz / 450 ml
1lemon, organic, not peeled


Wash the kale leaves and cut them if your juices has problem chewing the whole leaves.

Kales Leaves

Cut the cucumber and the apples into pieces so they fit your juicer. I own an Omega so they need to be cut quite a bit.

I love to add lemon to this recipe. You could also add limes as well. I bought organic lemons because I wanted to juice them with peel. That's where all the nutrients are.

Make sure to wash parsley thoroughly and remove any dirt. If you have a centrifugal juicer consider rotating cucumber with parsley to get the most yield out of it. An alternative would be to use your blender to blend parsley in at a later stage.


Don't forget to use your plunger! Enjoy this amazing juice.


Mean Green Toxin Flusher

One of the best weight loss juice recipes

If you want to lose weight and have a delicious juice you should check out the Mean Green Toxin Flusher. This recipe was recommended by and I must say I loved it. The lemon adds a nice zesty zing to the juice.

Parsley is incredibly healthy and contains various flavonoids that protect your body against cancer. If you wanted an emphasis on inflammation you could add a knob of ginger or two, that would go along very well.

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