Green Star GS-3000 Deluxe Twin Gear Review

Juices Most Fruits, Herbs and Vegetables. Also Grinds Nuts and Grains

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Looking for a heavy duty juicer that gets the job done and doesn’t cost a small fortune? We may have found the right juicer for the job. The Green Star GS-3000 promises to be a great twin gear juicer, and more, all for $500 on Amazon. Let’s see if it manages to live up to that promise.

The Juicer:

First things first, this juicer has a completely different look and feel compared our previously reviewed Super Angel 5500. Here, we have an all plastic outer build with stainless steel medium sized twin gears. And while it is made mostly from plastic, the build quality is solid and sports a premium quality feel.

As for accessories, good lord does this juicer come with a lots, let’s list them all.

  • Two screens
  • Wooden plunger
  • Plastic plunger
  • Pasta gear and outlet
  • Bread gear and outlet
  • Juicing gears and outlets
  • Good quality glass jug
  • Drip pan
  • Strainer
  • Cleaning brush

Alongside common obligatory items such as a DVD, manuals and info sheet. We love the amount of thought and love that’s gone into the design, as it sports more vents than an Xbox One and even features a tucked away power cable compartment.

The adjustable nozzle at the end is used as a pulp controller; both in terms of dryness and quantity. Despite the Green Star’s size, all these little details make it a surprisingly mobile and easy-to-carry juicer.

And although it takes a bit of practice aligning the gears properly, the whole process of assembling and then doing the opposite is intuitive and easy. Absolutely not dishwasher safe, we do not recommend leaving it in the dishwasher, even  after a tiresome day of juicing. And the plastic does get stained after a while, overall, we strongly suggest a good strong clean directly after every juicing session.

The Juice:

The juice from this machine was an absolute wonder to taste, despite the little bit of foam that it came with. Soft fruits and leafy greens required almost no effort to juice, we just dropped them in and forgot that a plunger was even necessary. However, when it came time to juice carrots, that wooden plunger was a god-send, as juicing whole carrots does requires some good downwards pressure to work, but cutting carrots into smaller chunks solved this problem pretty quick.

We noticed the Green Star GS-3000 didn’t fare very well when it came to wheatgrass, parsley, grapes and berries. It juiced excellently, no doubt, but single auger juicers just have the advantage in terms of yield and pulp when it comes to smaller fruits and wheatgrass. The Green Star performs best when it’s dealing with chunky vegetables, fruits and large leafy greens such as spinach and cabbage.

Tech Specs:

Sporting dimensions of 6.5 x 19 x 12.5 inches and weighing around 24 pounds, the Green Star is powered by a 110 RPM motor, which is significantly more powerful than other similar juicers. The motor is pleasantly silently however, and comes backed up with a 5-year warranty (along with rest of the juicer)– which isn’t very long in terms of masticating juicers.

Final Verdict:

We honestly enjoyed using and drinking juice from the Green Star GS-3000, and find the machine’s value to be incredible considering all the extra goodies that come with it. However, it is tough to clean, whole vegetables do requires some arm strength and it is not dishwasher friendly. But we still think it’s an excellent heavy duty, twin-gear masticating juicer, but only if those three drawbacks are not deal breakers.

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