Why You Should Start Juicing for a Healthier Body

Juice Up and Become Healthier While Sporting Clear Skin

The human body is a result of what we put into it. The more natural, varied and organic our diet– the healthier we are as physical beings. Not only does eating healthy give a great start to today, but also insures that we have a better tomorrow. Of course, eating healthy goes hand in hand with a good exercise routine and less salt alongside unhealthier fats in our diet.

Why Eat…When You Can Drink Nutrients?

But here’s the problem, eating our daily required intake of nutrients would involve eating way too many fruit, vegetables and leafy greens. That’s a lot eating, cooking and chopping to do. So, the obvious solution is to simply juice to whatever protein and nutritional goodies we need, and drink it all up.

A daily intake of fresh oranges for vitamin C is both tasty and highly recommended, but life’s much smoother when those oranges are freshly juiced, and not to mention a lot faster to consume as well. So yes, a good reason to start juicing for personal health is expediency — it’s easier to drink your daily requirements than it is to eat them.

The Right Recipe Makes All the Difference

A healthy juicing lifestyle relies heavily on recipes that are specific to weight loss, detox, bone strength, cancer prevention, skin care and whatever else is on the agenda. There are unique recipes, large to small books, and plenty of resources right here and all over the net for every unique physical aspect of juicing.

If you want to become slim (or put on weight), be stronger, detoxify or whatever; juicing recipes tailored made for you will aid immensely in the process.

A good exercise schedule, mixed with a daily juicing routine (which has the right ingredients) can also effectively help prevent long term health issues such as cardiovascular disease, strokes and prostate cancer. Juicing everyday can help alleviate the ill effects of modern life such as pollution and cellular damage.

Flush Out the Toxins…Literally

A great way to cleanse the stomach, and make the body feel lighter and healthier, is via natural laxatives. Rather than buying laxative pills and other chemicals to empty the stomach, consider juicing up avocados, almonds, peach, mangoes and apricots. A tasty smooth concoction that is not only easy to make, but effective at cleaning out a dirty stomach as well.

For some of us, years of junk food, fizzy drinks and other similar supplements have turned our bodies into toxic dumping grounds, and a detox program is the best way to cleanse the blood and body. Fans of the color green can treat themselves to a blend of celery, kale, lemons, parsley, ginger and a green apple (for taste); a powerful detox solution that will start cleansing out those nasty toxins we pay and consume with such loving abandon.

Keeping a clean stomach, detoxifying the body and consuming our necessary daily dose of vitamins and nutrients are important parts of keeping a healthy and active. But not the only important parts, as the old saying goes, “Anything worth achieving, isn’t easy to achieve”.

Go Go Mighty Fiber Rangers!

While juicing provides almost everything the body needs, it doesn’t provide fiber. Hence why eating and drinking healthy are both important facets of living it clean and green. Also, the human body was designed for physical activity, so while healthy juices will certainly make your body a clean temple, that temple needs to be repaired and plastered using physical activity.

Whether it’s a sport like Brazilian Jujitsu, a simple jog in the morning, going to the gym every day or any other physical activity, keeping the body active to get the best out of juicing is very important. On the other hand, juicing will help your body perform at its best, in any sport or physical activity.

So, for a healthy, clean, detoxified and well-balanced body, start juicing today. Eat healthy as well for the sake of fiber intake, and don’t forget to exercise regularly. Start slow and turn up the tempo as your body acclimates to the physical activity.

We’ve Got Your Back

Also, before embarking on your journey to juicing nirvana, remember to check out the reviews section to help find the right juicer for you, check out our recipes section as well, and to get you started strong — don’t forget to pick up our free e-book too.