Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro Review

An Affordable Centrifugal Juicer

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Named after one of the longest living health experts of our time, Jack Lalanne, we’ve got a centrifugal juicer here with a very prodigious name to live up to. Can it do so? Let’s find out.

The Juicer:

The PJP Power Juicer is a centrifugal juicer that sports a price tag of $117.89 on Amazon. The version we’re reviewing today is the Pro, which features a stainless steel finish, handy non-drip spout and a very falsely advertised “whisper-quiet operation” system. Unless they’re basing their definitions of quiet on the whisperings of a giant. Now, while it’s not extremely loud, the PJP Power juicer Pro does indeed make its fair share of noise, so don’t let the advertising fool you.

The PJP Pro is marketed as an easy to take apart and dishwasher-safe centrifugal juicer, and while this is true, the first few disassembles can be a bit complicated for people who are absolutely new to juicing. So keep the manual handy, also, never skimp on washing the juicer directly after every juicing session; the PJP Pro is prone to overflow and other oddities when not thoroughly cleaned after every juicing.

As a matter of fact, the juicer also tends to either shake, grind and overflow when it is overstuffed or undergoes particularly long juicing sessions. Thanks to the shallow blade basin and mesh filter. So cut fruits small, juice carefully and clean it often. And yes, a hand wash is much quicker and easier than using the dishwasher.

Speaking of dishwashers, don’t clean the filter with one. However, the one thing that’s not shallow is it’s juicing chute, a big apple can fit very comfortably in there. But sometimes fruits tend to try and jump back out of it, so be nice and firm when operating the centrifugal juicer’s pusher.

Let’s talk about the non-drip spout, because it does drip…ever so slightly. The spout does drip a bit even after it’s turned up, so always leave the jug underneath it for a few seconds, to collect the last of the juice. Placing a paper towel or plate under the jug is also a very prudent idea.

The Juice:

The PJP Pro does indeed make juice very quickly, even going through orange and tangerine skin without an issue. Although it will juice almost any fruit that doesn’t have a solid pit or seed in it (like a mango or peach), the one downfall of the PJP Pro is it’s absolutely terrible performance on vegetables. Carrots, celery and cucumbers all juice well enough, but things like kale, spinach, wheatgrass, cabbage and other leafy greens perform abysmally– even worse than the Breville 800JEXL.

This is very much a fruit and certain vegetables juicer only, it’s not suitable for a robust vegan diet or anything of the kind. The pulp that comes out of the Pro is pretty wet as well, and since the machine needs to be opened up to extract said pulp; it’s not ideal for a quick-fix second round of juicing.

Tech Specs:

Featuring a 3,600 RPM blade, the PJP Pro does not lack for juicing power, but it does lack some of the higher RPM levels other up-market centrifugal juicers have. Weighing-in at about 15 pounds or 6.8 kg, it’s not the lightest juicer around, but it won’t pull any muscles either. The dimensions are : 12 x 18 x 17 inches, with a meter long power cable attached to it.

A red safety button is hidden underneath the PJP Pro, designed to shut off the machine if it gets too hot, this mechanism can also be used as a child-lock safety device.

Final Verdict:

Our final verdict is simple, save up an extra $20 and buy the Breville Fountain Plus JE98XL . It sports the same features with a better, simpler and more efficient design, works slightly better with leafy greens and weighs less–while featuring smaller dimensions. However, if a large juicing chute, big stainless steel finishes and a non-drip spout are important, the Jack Lalane PJP Power Juicer Pro is a steal at $117, but not the best you can get in this category.

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